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CONDIP has provided advisory services to governments and international organizations since its creation, assisting them in adopting and implementing advanced work methods, increasing their performance in the international work arena, and effectively promoting their interests.

Our Mission

Our mission is to equip government agencies and international organizations with the best available capabilities to help them successfully promote their interests on a global level.

How We Can Help You

Activity in the Global Arena

We specialize in equipping governments, international organizations, and non-profit organizations with the tools and skills they need to succeed in the global arena. This includes coaching and training managers and teams, providing management consulting, developing work procedures, and crafting a strategy for international activities. We also offer physical on-the-ground support, such as accompaniment to various destinations and assistance with employee integration, establishment, and work at the destination.

Image and Public Relations

Through a variety of services, CONDIP assists governmental entities and international organizations in improving their global reputation and achieving their goals. These include expert consultation and team training, developing and managing an online presence, assisting speakers with their day-to-day operations, and dealing with communication and image crises.

Campaign Creation and Management

CONDIP partners with public sector and non-profit clients to design and execute targeted campaigns, such as those aimed at promoting economic diversification in underdeveloped regions, addressing climate and environmental concerns, improving education, enhancing public health, supporting women's empowerment, and more.

Organizational Consulting Services

CONDIP works with international organizations and government agencies to develop a clear vision, identify objectives, set goals, develop strategies to attain those goals, and design a thorough plan of action. To ensure the organization's success, we address budgeting, resource allocation, staffing, bureaucracy, and procedural issues. Our consulting services are versatile and may be adjusted to the client's individual requirements, whether a full consultation or a focus on key areas.

Organizational Innovation Promotion

CONDIP assists governments and organizations in creating and maintaining an innovative environment within their organizations. We assist our clients in encouraging creative thinking and organizational entrepreneurship while simultaneously dealing with change. This activity is critical to the organization's purpose and vision, as well as its efficacy and efficiency.

International Negotiations Accompaniment

CONDIP represents its clients in international negotiation procedures with governmental or business bodies, either behind the scenes or in the front. We assist our clients in achieving the best possible results while paying great attention to professional, procedural, and legal issues.