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CONDIP is a prominent training and consulting firm that helps public and private sector companies improve their global performance.

We provide managers and employees with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in foreign nations by utilizing our proprietary tools and approaches from diplomacy and business.
With vast experience in a variety of business and cultural environments, we assist our clients in designing and implementing successful strategies in a variety of geographic regions.
Our significant worldwide expertise, combined with our specific methodologies and technologies, enables us to empower our clients to achieve greater results in multicultural settings while also preparing them for future challenges.

CONDIP, founded in 2011 by former diplomats, has been providing comprehensive training programs in a range of professions to culturally diverse communities globally.

Our team consists of people with extensive expertise and experience who are leaders in their fields.
We specialize in business and cultural diplomacy, as well as managing foreign relations. Our team has a successful track record in research, application, and skill development. We are committed to keeping the highest professional standards and providing our clients with the capabilities they need to achieve their objectives.
CONDIP was founded to advise firms and teach managers and staff to address global challenges with quality tools from the world of diplomacy. CONDIP prepares its clients to operate in a changing global environment in general, and in specific fields, as well as to face professional and personal challenges. CONDIP collaborates with academic and professional institutions in Israel and around the world to serve as a high-quality center of expertise and knowledge.

Our mission is to help our customers succeed.