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CONDIP is a prominent consulting and training firm specializing in corporate diplomacy. We help public and private sector companies improve their global performance by designing and implementing combined business and diplomatic strategies to manage relationships with stakeholders. 

With vast experience in a variety of business and cultural environments, we assist our clients in designing and implementing successful strategies in a variety of geographic regions.
We provide managers and employees with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in foreign nations by utilizing our proprietary tools and approaches from diplomacy and business.

With expansive worldwide expertise cultivated across diverse cultural environments, CONDIP employs proven methodologies and technologies to effectively empower clients. Our tailored solutions enable organizations to: achieve greater success in navigating cross-cultural complexity, optimize efficiencies to conserve time and cost on ineffective efforts, maximize existing assets and capabilities for advanced performance, and aroactively prepare for future obstacles and ever-evolving challenges.

By combining far-reaching international experience with strategic frameworks and modern tools, CONDIP strives to provide clients with the preparation, technology, and insight required to produce results, progress objectives, and maintain readiness in a globalized marketplace full of multifaceted tests.

Since 2011, CONDIP has operated globally providing consulting and training across diverse cultural communities, spanning various sectors and countries.

Our people are leading professionals in their fields with unique knowledge and experience. We are committed to upholding the highest professional standards on behalf of our clients with integrity and loyalty, and to providing them with effective tools to achieve their goals.

CONDIP was founded to advise organizations and train managers and employees to meet the challenges of the global environment using quality tools from the world of diplomacy. CONDIP works to prepare its clients for working in an evolving cultural setting worldwide in general, and in target countries specifically, as well as dealing with professional and personal challenges. CONDIP will serve as a quality center of knowledge and experience, and will collaborate with academic and professional institutions locally and internationally.