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From the employer's point of view, there are two main levels of training:

The Professional Level: The information and professional skills necessary for performing the job is provided by the employing organization.

The Personal Level: Our training focuses on providing the employee with the personal knowledge and skills that enable optimal performance in the international arena. These include an understanding of the local culture, personal conduct, employee motivation, negotiation management, and more. This set of skills is of great importance in achieving business success in general and in the international level in particular.

Thematic Clusters

Our training, divided into thematic clusters focused on the interpersonal aspects of working abroad, is designed to give managers and employees the essential skills to succeed in the international work arena. We also offer specialized courses that cover the unique challenges of living and working abroad.

Soft Skills

Unlock your true potential with Soft Skills – the ultimate training program designed to enhance your personal and professional conduct in today's global and intercultural business worlds. Discover a comprehensive, structured, and flexible system that adapts to the ever-changing needs of organizations, providing you with relevant knowledge and practical solutions.

Applied Diplomacy

Are you looking to level up your business skills and understand the complexities of doing business in the Middle East? Look no further! Our unique training program offers a comprehensive understanding of the region, including Israel's image abroad, insights into Jewish communities, and in-depth knowledge of various countries. We focus on the business implications of these issues and equip you with the tools to leverage them. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your horizons and boost your success in the global market!